Everything you need
to get a great night’s sleep

Here at Comfy Group we love everything about sleep. That’s why we offer everything that anyone could ever need for that great sleep feeling. Pillows, duvets, toppers, electric blankets, bed linen and more. Just as importantly, we pride ourselves on offering something to suit every budget as well as everybody.

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Our brands

We are the proud licensee of several of the biggest brands in UK bedding including Silentnight and Sealy, as well as our own brands including nanu, Snug and Soundasleep.

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  • Pillows

    We’re all a little bit different. That’s why we create pillows to suit all types of sleepers.

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  • Duvets

    Dreamy duvets that cocoon you in complete comfort for a blissful night’s sleep.

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  • Toppers

    Breathe new life into your mattress with our collection of toppers

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  • Protectors

    Extend the life of your pillows and mattress with a protector. They even add an extra bit of comfort.

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  • Electric Blankets

    Never get into a cold bed again thanks to our warm and toasty electric blankets.

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  • Bed Linen

    Sleep in style with our collection of stunning bed linen

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  • Nursery

    Our award winning collection of nursery products will help your little one to sleep safely through the night.

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  • Towels

    Soft, fluffy towels crafted with 100% cotton

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  • Pet Beds

    We believe the whole family deserve a good night’s sleep, including four legged friends!

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Our Heritage

We’re a family run business and started from humble beginnings. Established in 1973, our growth has led us to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of duvets and pillows. Our products are lovingly made at our factory in Manchester and it’s estimated that 1 in 3 people in the UK sleep on a pillow we have made.

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Work at Comfy

Our growth and success is all down to our people. We employ over 1,000 people across our three sites in Cheshire, Manchester and Heywood.