Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy Comfy Quilts is a major manufacturer of bedding accessories in the UK and as such we recognise, understand and commit to operating in an ethical and moral manner. Therefore we acknowledge and follow the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

We are committed to long lasting improvements to employee conditions and working environments in both in our own facilities and that of our suppliers and as such we strongly disagree with and take action against any form of forced, bonded or trafficked labour.

We respect human rights and work to protect them, not only in our UK and European sites but throughout our international suppliers. As such we are part of the Stronger Together Initiative which seeks to tackle modern slavery in supply chains. We strongly oppose the exploitation of works and we monitor all of our suppliers effectively.

We are committed to responsibly sourcing sustainable raw materials through our UK and international supply chain. This includes the sourcing of raw, untreated materials or outsourced products and taking special measures in countries or regions where there is a perceived higher risk of slavery or forced labour in order to ensure our high ethical values are upheld.

Comfy Quilts have released this statement so our business partners, employees and customers can be confident in our approach to upholding our human rights and tackling modern day slavery. We strongly repute any organisation whom is either knowingly or not involved in any way with modern slavery, human trafficking or not adhering to the human rights act.
Comfy Quilts Ltd has a zero tolerance to all forms of modern slavery throughout the organisation and supply chain.