Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Comfy Group is committed to equal opportunities and equal treatment to create an inclusive workplace that works for everyone. Being a reputable company and operating with integrity and trust is part of the Group’s core values and we are passionate about treating our employees fairly and equally, which includes our approach to pay.  We conduct regular pay and benefit audits to ensure that we always pay employees equally for the same or equivalent work and have a regular 1:1 process to ensure opportunities for training and promotion are available to everyone.

We continue to embed our Comfy ‘Respect’ Values into the business and actively promote Comfy Group as an Employer of Choice in the North West, demonstrating we are an inclusive employer where women can excel.  We are confident that by treating our employees fairly, equally and with respect we can stand out in the community and continue to make our employees and customers proud. The Group operates standardised pay rates in all our operational areas, which means that pay is dependent on role and not gender.  Differentials in bonus pay have been addressed over the last two years where a bonus has been paid to all employees at all levels, based on company financial performance.  However, in 2020, the bonus payment was deferred due to Covid into 2021 and in April 2020, a large proportion of women were furloughed due to national lockdown to ensure they were able to home-school and look after their children during the pandemic.  The gender pay gap report is therefore not a true representation of gender pay in the Comfy Group as calculation guidance has required furloughed employees not to be counted as full-pay relevant employees and the deferred bonus payment could not be included in the April 2020 snapshot.

This report sets out narrative to explain our Gender Pay Gap, which shows the calculated differences between amounts paid to men and women at the snapshot date of April 2020 and the 12 months preceding.  I confirm the data reported is accurate.  In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, Comfy Quilts has prepared its gender pay gap results and published them in line with Gender Pay Gap Reporting mandatory requirements.

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Bob Moryoussef - Managing Director

Bob Moryoussef
Chief Executive